Sunday, August 24, 2014

Tool Tote, long awaited. Fooled You..

This is the glue up of my latest tool tote.

  The tote filled with tools.

   Fooled you.  This is a tool tote, but not The tool tote.  As I was working away on my work bench tool tote, I got thinking about the mess on my side of the bathroom counter.

  I seemed to have stuff spread all over the counter top and that just didn't seem necessary.  My solution was to get a piece of 2 by 6 and cut it to 11 inches long, drill some holes and glue a bottom on it.

  Cutting the holes was easy, I used various sized forstner bits. And made the cut out for the talc shaker with the band saw.

  Something I did do extra and would recommend was I put four little dowel feet on the tote to hold it up off the counter. This is in case water gets splashed about, this way the wood will not be sitting in the damp getting nasty.

  It is nice having all that morning gear organized and at hand.

 Have a good day, start with an organized morning.

cheers, ianw

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