Saturday, August 9, 2014

Garden Project - support for climbing rose

 I knocked off a fast project, once I had a plan in my head on Thursday. We have wonderful gardens upon which my wife spends hours working, and one of the main features of our gardens are roses. At a guess I would say we've got 50 different varieties in our yard and we add a few each season.
 When we first began planting roses we put in 8 or 10 against our east wall and they have done well.  One thing we did was plant a few climbing roses but instead of having them all against the wall and held up with trellises we've moved some away from the wall and they are to be trained on stands.

Two views of the rose stand.  I made it from barn board and cut the top at a 5 degree angle, which spreads the legs out at the base enough.  I interlaced the frame with cord to add places to tie the rose canes.

  We took the stand out and placed in directly over the centre of the rose we wanted to train.

 Once we got the rose tied up you can hardly see the stand. 

  This is another of those jobs that you can do with a few basic tools. I ripped the barn board on my table saw, but a circular saw would have done a good enough job for this project and beyond the saw all you need is a hand drill to pre-drill the wood before holding it together with self tapping screws

  Once the rose gets used to this arrangement it will turn its leaves around and continue to grow up, up, up. Next season it should be a fountain of blossoms.

  Remember: make stuff!

cheers, ianw

this is the inspiration for my stand


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