Saturday, June 28, 2014

Small Job, lots of Clamps, love those long reach clamps

  My Grandson is big enough that he is drawing pictures for me now and since the fridge is not immediately in front of my desk we decided that I need a bulletin board.  The board will be a place for me to pin boat pictures, and other incidental office paperwork.

  This is another project made from the parts bin left overs. When we were finishing sections of the basement we bought several pieces of 1/8 inch Meranti (lauan). The Meranti is pretty much old style door skin, not bad to work with although a bit porous. The piece I started was part of a partition wall and is now a left over.  You can see the corner that was nibbled off to make this project. One thing that I like about 1/8 Meranti is that it can be cut; carefully with a sharp blade in a utility knife.  I find it easier to lay the wood out on the floor and cut it with a knife than to try and cut it on my contractor size table saw.

  First I cut a piece of Meranti 22 by 16 inches and sprayed it white. Then I used some 1 by 3/8 elm off cuts for the frame.

The frame will help keep the plywood flat and when finished with orange shellac it adds a nice finished look.  I also plan to set some small rare earth magnets into the lower frame.

Kreg clamps used for the long reaches. 

  After I mitred the corners and glued the frame on I noticed that I had one piece of trim left and a couple of clamps.  I only need the long reach clamps a few times a year but they have more than paid for themselves over time. 

  It might not be art, but it is a style.

cheers, Ian 

Penguin Wallpapers

Last one into the pool is an over dressed flightless bird!!!

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