Monday, June 16, 2014

A Lesson on Using PVC Pipe for your shop

Sometimes I see something that makes me think,'why didn't I think of that?'.  It is sore of a eureka moment.

  The video of a guy making a knife sheath out of while PVC plumbing pipe was one such light bulb moment.

  The fellow that made the video showed how easy it is to form the pipe and the very limited number of tools that you need to get the job done.

  The only tool that may be missing from the average tool box is the heat gun, otherwise I'm sure that we all have Dremel tools and various saws. There are other heat sources of course, I just don't know how popular heating PVC would be in the kitchen..

  When I saw this video I was looking for a quick way to make a sheath for a small knife I recently made but as I thought about things I now see this method as useful for a couple of other tools too.

   We all have a bunch of files and rasps, and they shouldn't bang around in a drawer or tool box unprotected.  It will be dead easy to heat up and form a piece of PVC pipe into a case/sheath. With protection the files/rasps will stay sharp longer and won't skin my knuckles when I reach into my travelling tool box

  Another tool that could use a quick and easy sheath is my 3/4 inch knock around wood chisel that moves from job to job.  

  I have a mix and match set of lathe tools for which I have been thinking of making a storage box. I don't have a station in my shop dedicated to lathe work and so my chisels, face plates and other accessories live in a drawer most of the time. Now, using this method, a bit of pipe, some heat forming and all the edges will be protected. With custom fitted sheaths the tools won't need a fitted box, any old tool box will do. 

  As much an' all as I like making tools and accessories for my shop, if I can do it quickly and get on with my other projects so much the better.

cheers, ianw


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