Friday, June 20, 2014

Design and Development

 I often see a project on the net or in a magazine, file it away as a book mark or tear the photo out and keep it in a folder and come back to it later.

 Recently I saw a note pad holder project, on the net, but I don't remember where, apologies to the other wood worker for not giving his basic design credit.

 This is a small project that I made from looking at a video so I didn't begin with measured drawings, just a general size and shape. As I have matured I have discovered that the wealth of my acquired experience means that the data management department in my brain sometimes becomes overwhelmed with the vast quantity of data for which it is responsible.  The manifestation of this state of being overwhelmed, is the appearance that I have forgotten.  We do not forget things, it is our data management department failing to correctly file, or retrieve the given information. The information is there, just not available at all times.  Proof of my thesis is the fact that I can remember the item days later, when it is not useful.(sadly)

  To deal with this problem of data management I write myself notes.  I generally carry a small note book and pen with me and in my shop I have a place where I write down a list of supplies that need to be renewed, or note a plan/pattern that needs to be researched for a coming project.

  The small project I is a note pad holder.  The original  plan appeared to be sized to fit a purchased note pad. I changed the design so I could re-use paper.  My holder is sized to use one third of a 8.5x10in sheet of paper.

Opus One
4in. by 12 in.

 Here is the prototype. I followed the design ideas from the net and used clear plastic to hold the marbles in place.  The marbles allow you to slide the papers in but provide friction to keep the papers in.  As I worked on this version of the project I made a couple of decisions.

1. I didn't have plexiglass of the correct thickness. I had a piece used to make a router base so It was much thicker than was needed.

2.I decided I wanted the piece to be wider than this version, and not as long.

  Even though I decided I didn't like the details I finished the project off with a bit of Milk Paint . It became a practise project for using milk paint as much as a wood working project.

  Opus Two:
4.5 by 10 in

  In Opus Two I used wood skewers to trap the marbles rather than plexiglass and drilled the hole on top large enough for a screw head to fit as well as tie a pencil to the holder. 

  The wood skewers are very nearly 1/8 inch and knocking them through a dowel plate sized then easily.  I sanded the pieces before assembly and put it all together with glue .  It is actually not as twisted as it appears in this photo, I guess it is just wonky perspective in the photo. (I was lazy and used my phone for the photo rather than a real camera)

 There is the pad hanging on the wall near the door, awaiting data.

 I like Opus Two's design enough that I think I will make a couple of more to give away.  Lots of my friends are experiencing data management issues.

cheers, ianw

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