Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Copper Topped Box

  Recently I found a YouTube video that showed the making of a small wooden box with a decorative addition to its lid.
copper top box
 The video shows the entire process.  A cross cut sled is used to cut the corners at 45 degrees.  As well the top is cut from the box with the table saw.  

One way to cut the top off the box is shown in this video.  The woodworker cuts the top off in one pass by raising the blade until it  nearly cuts through, leaving only a thin section of wood, to be cut away with a hand saw.

  At the glue up stage there are some interesting comments on the nature of modern glue.  If you are old enough you remember carpenter's glue, it was sort of yellow and kind of sticky and not water proof at all.  Weldbond and the like are notable improvements over the glues of 30 years ago.  I agree with the video, you don't need tonnes of glue, just enough for good coverage.
  I picked up a tip for gluing end grain a while ago.  Before you glue end grain put a thin coating of glue on the wood and let it dry a bit. The first coat helps to seal the grain and prevent the glue meant for holding the joint from being sucked into the wood grain before it can do its job.  I haven't done scientific testing on this method but it does appeal to my common sense. 

I think I would make the copper plate before I made the box just to be sure.  

It is my hope to get back into my shop and working in a couple of days.  The yard has taken up much of my mobile time lately.  But is is worth it.

cheers, ian


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