Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Bulletin Board Complete

  Before I get carried away with today's blog,

Happy Canada Day 
to one and all

  Now, back to the task at hand.  Last blog was my bulletin board glued up and awaiting completion.  I finished it and put it up yesterday.  The Elm trim has orange shellac and spray varnish on it and the large surface is two quick coats of spray paint.

    The BB is above my work space at the front of the house.

  I used my stud finder and screwed the bulletin board right to the wall.  At first I thought of hanging it like a picture but decided that it was best attached solidly.  A side note, the electronic stud finder is worth the money, I've used mine hundreds of times for years and years.

     You can see in the close-up photos I glued pieces of wine bottle cork along the bottom and drove 3/4 inch 10 steel screws into the trim to act as places to attach magnets.

  This is another of those projects that can use a few or many tools.  Since I have a table saw and a sliding mitre saw I made the trim myself and mitred the corners. However, this project could have been done with trim from a Box store and a hand saw and mitre box.  The magnets came from a $ Store and the rest of the project was glue and screws.  I used lots of clamps to make my BB but that isn't necessary, lots of trim is held in place with brad nails. 

  Get out there and make stuff.

cheers, ianw

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