Thursday, June 19, 2014

Woodworking Vise

  We all agree that if you are going to do quality wood working you need to have time, talent, and good tools.  There are dozens of books and web sites discussing work benches and nearly as many dealing with vises, clamps and hold downs. In my case buying and learning how to use clamps and vises made for a noticeable improvement in the final quality of my work.

  To go along with the various discussions relating to vises the Moxon Vise is discussed at length.  Last April I wrote a blog for another site about my version of the Moxon (face ) vise.


  I found my vise to be practical and useful for my needs. As I was surfing around this morning I found another woodworker's take on the Moxon Vise.  His motivation seemed much like mine, he wanted the utility of the vise without the ultra hype and high cost.

Make an Inexpensive Sliding Moxon Vise
  You can see that on my vise I used Bessey Clamps and Mr. Bates used pipe clamps. I enjoyed is video, and it shows why I don't make videos, my shop is never, ever that clean and neat.  I can only guess that Mr. Bates is a much more organised and professional woodworker than I.

  A footnote project is the box I made for the kids house.  The box is made to sit on a low wall beside their stairway.

  The ledge collected loose bits and pieces (keys, phones etc.) as you went down the hallway to the kitchen. With the box in place, less stuff falls down the stairs. 

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