Saturday, January 25, 2014

Wood Show News

   Yesterday I spent the afternoon at the Hamilton Woodworking Show at the Canadian War Plane Heritage Museum.

   I worked at wood shows for several years and have been attending them for a couple of decades and even though I have become a bit jaded I still enjoy checking out the shows.

  I saw some of the old crowd still hawking their wares and even a couple of new faces.  I think shows are a good place to get a feel for what things cost, wood especially as there are always three or four companies at the show specializing in lumber sales.

  I also go to the shows to see the latest incarnation of well known tools.  The new Kreg K5 ticks all the boxes and....costs the same as the Kreg Jigs I was selling 10 years ago.  I have jigs from previous generations, and I think the K5 has gathered together the strong points for all the previous models.

Kreg Jig K5 Pocket Hole Jig Kit
  Mark Eaton, Kreg's sales rep and product demonstrator will be in Leamington for the Tool Expo next weekend.  It is worth getting the low down on the new pocket hole jig, if you are thinking about redoing that tired old kitchen or bathroom, the jig is the tool for cabinets and Mark is the guy to explain it to you.

  Since I was there on the opening day not all the wood carving had been placed out for us to see, however I got to see a piece that just made my jaw drop.

 This carved panel is 8 feet long.  The work is amazing and I can't even guess how long it took to carve it.
detail of the panel.
I wouldn't have the nerve to embark on a project of this size. Kudos to whoever did the carving.


jump into wood working,

cheers, ianw

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