Monday, January 13, 2014

Rack in the Bathroom

  Shortly after we moved into our new house (5+ years ago) we both realized that our master bathroom is larger than my first apartment.  We decided to make use of the space by my building a rack which sits over one of the heat vents in the bathroom.

    As you can see this is a pocket hole project.  Where I used the self taping pocket hole screws as designed the project worked fine.

  Where is used the screws and allowed them to be exposed to the air and damp, they begin to rust. (not surprizingly)  I decided to get on this little job and replace those rusting screws.  I had two options.

  Or: remove the screws, drill out the holes and replace them with wood dowel.

  I opted for using dowels as you can see.  I found that I had 1/4 inch dowelling and I didn't have any of the stainless steel screws.  This job wasn't big enough to warrant ordering special fastening hardware, If there were more repairs necessary, or if quality of finish had been more critical then I would have ordered the screws.

  FYI- stainless steel screws are weather resistant etc., but sometimes their sheer strength is lower than quality hardened screws.  You need to adjust the torque on your driver or you will twist the heads off your screws.


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