Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Latest Shop Activities

 Sometimes shop time seems to be filled with a bunch of small things, some of which take up a bunch of time.  

  For example:

    If you are a Freemason you know exactly what this is, and if you are not, it is exactly what it looks like.  The operative word here is exactly.  Rather than just knock out something that is symbolic I went to significant lengths  to have it accurate and therefore a real working tool.

  The inches are marked by pieces of 1/8 brass stock set into the length of the gauge.  I can't decide if I want to put a hinge in the middle or not.  Often times these things are hinged but the real gauge was not because a hinge can compromise accuracy.  I cut all those 1/8 inch slots on my sliding mitre saw (My Bosch saw is not a new model but is still an accurate quality tool.) after careful layout and marking. This is an occasion when I used a marking knife rather than just a pencil. 

   Another little project that has been floating around, and isn't really finished yet is:

     A wee walnut box for a wrist watch.  I mitred the corners on the aforementioned mitre saw with the jig I talked about Sept 28/2013 and then edge glued three pieces of the narrow board together to make the lid.  Why did I have the long thin piece of walnut?  I must have picked it up cheap at a wood show, once upon a time.  

    Sometimes when I don't feel like taking on a big project, or when my back is aching just a little too much I wonder into the shop and putter away my time with little bits and pieces. Sometimes I find a hunk on wood and then decided what to make it into, sort of the workshop equivalent of "clean out the fridge soup".  It is getting to be time to make a plan and work on a larger piece again, I just don't know what it is going to be yet. (we did see, today,  a nice table design that would be worth borrowing )


Photo: A rookery of rockhopper penguins
a bonus penguin

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