Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Am I just Cheap ? or....?

  A post ago I talked about using my shop to repair a snow shovel.  A couple of people that know me well thought they heard echoes of my father and grandfather in my belief that fixing things is a good idea, ( and maybe my being a bit cheap).  Where do our attitudes come from if not home, so...I hope that I can influence the Grand kids to repair and reuse not just throw away.

  Here is my latest cheapskate fix.

     In the basement is a coat rack that I made sometime ago and it has four hooks on in for hats and gardening clothes. 

  Last summer the rack got knocked over and the white metal hook broke off.  I thought about grinding the end round and leaving it on the rack but I decided against it.  I could also have thrown it out but,  instead:

   I rummaged around in a box of "loose and lonely" wooden bits and pieces and found a wooden ball.  Why did I have a wooden ball you ask, " because a craft store was selling a bag of lost and lonely bits and pieces off cheap one day years ago and I knew that I would use all the odds and ends in toys and projects over the coming years."  I was right.  I drilled a hole, dripped in some super glue and voilà, problem solved.  

  I am working at my desk, a home made trestle table upon which stands a raised section so that I can stand to type. Flanking my computer is a dovetail box I made to hold reading glasses and pen. In the room are wooden book cases, plant stands and toys.  

    One of the toys was a favourite of my wife's children and their younger cousins.  

  Little Lion has new wheels and a new push bar and my Mother painted a new face for this generation. 

  Before I had much of a shop I was content to modify pre-manufactured goods. The tv and stereo are modified Ivar from Ikea, I made the doors and matching end table.

  The Dragon Box was a joint project of my parents.  My father over engineered a box from pine boards and my Mother did the decoration. The box was for blankets, now it is full of toys, but it is still used and will last at least two life times.  My father is gone now, but I have tools and projects of his that will be with me for my lifetime and the next generation too.

  I guess my thinking is that good stuff is worth fixing and you can't fix or build without tools.

   Buying good tools and learning to use them is money well spent, so maybe I am not just a cheap skate.

cheers, ianw

Jan. 31 and Feb 1 2014

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