Friday, October 25, 2013

Make an End Grain Cutting Board

      I have made tonnes of cutting boards over the last few years but mine are usually long grain boards.  Making a long grain board is twice as fast as an end grain board and so the board can be sold for half the price.  I have found that most customers do not realize the work involved in making things and so are reluctant to pay for what a project is worth. Even the fellow in the video concludes with the suggestion that his board would make a nice gift for someone.  In fact the only end grain board I have made was given as a gift.

link to video

  When you watch the video you will see all the basic steps required to make a classic style end grain cutting board.

   The cutting board in this photo I lifted from the world wide web is an excellent example of a multi-wood board.  I especially like the inclusion of Purple Heart with the maple, walnut and other woods.  Something to remember when using Purple Heart, the colour fades over time.  If the cutting board is intended for regular use the Purple Heart will lose its "bling factor" fairly quickly.

   If you are planning on getting into serious production of cutting boards I suggest a tool like this:
King, 16in Open Wide Belt Sander

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