Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bread Box - a first veneer project

   I made this box for my Mom to store loaves of home made bread.  There is a Tupperware insert for this box but Mom decided a nice box would be better.  I love to make boxes so it worked out well for both of us.

   This box is plain old plywood, 3/4 ply on the the ends and 3/8 for the sides.  The top is a really nice piece of maple with a strip of  "I don't know wood" in the middle.  The top was part of a project that never got going a few years ago but I kept the few glued up pieces that I had made, knowing that someday their moment would come along.

   What makes this box new for me is that I covered the plywood box with cheery veneer.  I have never done veneer before.  True to form however I had a bundle of veneer that I bought on clearance years ago.  I couldn't pass up the deal and here I am 15 years later using the veneer.  That bundle of veneer lived at at least three different addresses before it has come to be used.

  I had very good luck with three sides of the box and then my luck ran out on the fourth side. I think I know what I did wrong and will use more appropriate tools and experiment with glue for the next project.  I may even experiment with Hide Glue which is the traditional glue for veneering.

    There are things I learned on this project:
 Use a very very sharp knife.
 Measure extra carefully.
 Do not rush, do not rush, you can't rush. Rushing and not waiting for the glue to fully set is a bad idea.
 A nice veneer can make a plywood box look pretty good.

 I'll keep you posted when I take on the next veneer project.

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