Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cheese Boards

  What do you do with your assorted off cuts and left overs, especially the ones that are decent lumber?

  These boards are made from the left overs of oak, maple and roasted maple from which I make my big bread boards.  I collect the various piece in a box in the corner and occasionally I go on a glue up wee pieces binge.  These smaller boards make nice little cheese boards for putting treats out during the holidays.

   Bessey Folding Utility Knife Set w/ Case & Blades DBKPHSET
   I bought this Bessey set of tools the last time I ordered some things from .  Bessey has clearly made the effort to supply quality blades, I used this knife when I was cutting my veneer earlier this week.  I have also used the hooked blade for cutting up heavy box board, and it did the job with ease.  The little tool box seemed like overkill but I like it now, it keeps all the blades where I can find them when I need them, which is quick and convenient.  If you are working in your shop you owe it to yourself to have a top quality utility knife.


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