Saturday, October 12, 2013

Eva's Necklace Case

    A few months ago I made a necklace case for my Mother based on the prototype I made a couple of seasons ago.


   That case featured two sections and one set of hinges.  Eva's case has three sections and hidden hinges.

   The front of this case is spalted maple, an amazing piece of wood but a pain with which to work.

  When you open the door to the first section you see, on the left knobs for hanging bracelets and on the right a set of hooks for necklaces. 


  The section section is also hinged and opens to expose hooks on the left and a double row of hooks on the right in the back section.   Each section with hooks has a narrow strip of wood along the bottom of the section to prevent necklaces from falling out and getting caught when the doors are closed.  

   To work with the Spalted Maple is used several coats of shellac to harden the wood.  I also put a 3/8 square hardwood insert along the inside of the Maple door to give strength where I screwed the hinges in place.

   A tip for anyone that is going to do a project like this and decides to go with brass hardware and matching brass screws.  Don't do what I did, I didn't take the time to check out all the possibilities and so ended up using brass slot head screws.  Take the time, do the checking and buy brass screws with Square drive.  

cheers, Ian W


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