Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Mixed Bag of Wood Works

   Sometimes big projects give place and space to little projects, and even little projects take time.  Many of my little projects are focused on making my life easier in the shop, I have made a variety of shelves, tool cabinets and storage units over the last few years.  
   Usually those jobs spend time to save money.  I am prepared to send extra time glueing up cheap lumber  from the bin to make shelves for my shop rather than go out and buy lumber.  Other times those projects are made from lumber that has to be planed because it starts out as off cuts of various sizes, shapes and types.  

   Other times a big project is only a big project because it has taken a long time for me to get around to finishing it.

   Today I finished a project that was begun over a year ago but was always side tracked by something.  In the left of the photo you can see the picture rail has finally been added to the wall, and painted.  All that remains is for us to hang some more pictures.  The rail on the right was put up ages ago, then we decided to live with it for a while to see if we liked it.  A few months ago I got going with my router table and shaped the poplar trim for the rest of the rail, but then had back trouble and the task went uncompleted. Today Eva helped me hold the last two long pieces in place as they were glued and screwed.  The rails are 7 feet long and so for practical purposes a three handed job. Extra hands makes for lighter and easier work. If you are going to get into the D.I.Y. router world as set of bits like this is a pretty safe place to start.  There are cheaper bit sets, but, remember, in tools you get what you pay for.  I do most of my routing and shaping with these few bits.

   I have a couple more photos of little projects, nothing difficult, but little things that can take a person away from big things.

    On the left is a painting we bought in New Zealand a few years ago and on the right a mirror in our laundry/mud room.  I made both of the frames.  The painting's frame is my only experience so far with cherry.  The mirror is elm.  You know the routine, carefully cut the mitred corners then lose your mind gluing the corners together. I used my KREG Klamp Table to help glue the corners, but it means that you have to clamp, glue and wait.  I suggest that waiting for the glue to dry is a good time to become a blogger, 'cause it is not a good time to drink beer. (too much glue = way to much beer!)

   I have also consumed time making jigs lately and working on Eva Necklace case. The jigs get built and painted RED and the case gets little bits and pieces glued in place and know.  I can image the Necklace case being finished in a couple of weeks, there is has only been 4 years in coming, that's not bad, is it?

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