Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wonderful Wood

  As I was surfing the net I stumbled upon a site for Connor Wooden Bicycles.  

   I never stop being amazed at just how cool a material wood can be.  We all admire fine furniture, wood carving and other uses of wood all the time.  Wooden boats are a favourite of mine as are airplanes made from wood.  Recently I watched a Youtube video on the Mosquito airplane for at least the second time and though I knew what they were going to say I enjoyed the video and continue to admire the plane and the folks that made them.

 The wooden bicycle also knocks me out.  It looks to me as though this could be a source of reliable efficient transportation if a production company were  to take up the design and production ideas.  As with the Mosquito airplane, there are more people around with woodworking skills and tools than metal working skills and tools.

  If you doubt the strength of composite wood all you need do is check out the video on the Handlebar page.

  As a second small footnote,  look in on and see what he has to say about Tormak and the sloyd knife.  The Sloyd knife that Tom is talking about comes from Sweden and as luck would have it they are well known  to Canadians, I guess it is a northern people  thing.  I have the exact knife in Tom’s blog but also have others of different sizes and shapes,  the knives come very sharp and are easy to sharpen when the time comes.  The best news is the knives are all very reasonably priced too.

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