Sunday, May 26, 2013

12 Tools Every Carpenter Needs

   There is probably no question that causes greater confusion,  discussion and out right conflict than  the question, "what tools to I need?"  I have written a number of blogs on this topic over the last couple of year and since I am side lined with serious back issues ( herniated disk ) it seems like a good time to reconsider some of the theoretic aspects of wood working.  My hands are on a forced holiday but I am hopeful that my head and heart can stay in the game, so  questions about "tools" can comes around.

   I have been re-reading "The Anarchist's Tool Chest"  and cruising the net looking for interesting and topical things to share. Chris Schwarz's  book provided me with inspiration and information the first time that I read it, August 2011, and has me thinking again.  When I get back on my feet I will be making some decisions about my shop, and its tools.

    I did run across a good video addressing what one man believes to be required tools for construction/D.I.Y wood working. This isn't the same tools as an apartment dweller needs but there is some over lap.  I agree with what he says, get a good tool pouch and  add a pair of pliers and a good quality tape measure to the basic kit too.   Another thing to do is clearly label all your tools and your tool belt.

   What tools would you add to this basic set up?

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