Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Small Change with Large Consequences

   When I equipped my first shop I bought a bench grinder.  I bought it mostly because that is what I had seen in other shops. Those shops needed grinders because using a little welding kit nuts were brazed onto the stock and low cost bolts of any length were made as needed.  

   I found that I seldom needed the grinder because I seldom make my own bolts, there are well equipped hardware stores within easy travelling distance and so I can buy exactly the bolt I needed.  The grinder has hung around for years, and mostly been ignored or avoided, it was on a bottom shelf and a pain in the butt to drag out and use.

   Recently I was tuning up some garden tools, weed digging tools and hoes etc.  Awkward stuff is sharpened with a big ol' bastard file but smaller can be ground.  This year, after at least ten years of fussing I finally made the small change to the grinder which has made for a large change in my attitude.  I am sharing this because on the internet I can't hear you saying "duh", though I know that is what you are thinking.  I am also sharing this because it may inspire you to take the 20 minutes and a fix that little thing that has needed doing for years but you think isn't worth the trouble.

   So what did I do?

    I finally bolted the grinder to a board with a couple of pins to wrap the cord around.  It now means that I can reach onto the bottom shelf, grab the grinder sit it nearly any place and use it.  Before it was bolted to a platform it took up space on the bench when in use and it was awkward to get out and to put away, so I ignored it instead of using it.  

   Such a simple little thing, but one that brings the right tool to the job more efficiently and so, more frequently.  The right tool makes the job easier and more fun.

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