Monday, May 6, 2013

Less likely Wood Shop Tools, but useful DIY tools

   One of the ongoing tasks in a homework shop, for me at least is arranging benches and tools so to have the best use of space. Many hours have been spent building shelves and cupboards as well as trying to set up the  most efficient work space that I can.  For a home workshop I am lucky, actually I have a fair amount of space and am equipped with lots of tools.  There are often articles in woodworking magazines featuring people with less space than mine and they do as good or better work than I do too.
King, 4-1/2'' Angle Disc Grinder Kit 8208AG

   The angle grinder is one of those tools that I reach for a couple of times per year to use its cutting wheel instead of a hack saw.  A cutting wheel is fast but usually not so pretty. On this weekend I needed my grinder to cut three bolts down to size to be used to bolt my vise to a board.

   I wasn't willing to invest the time in a trip to the local hardware store to buy three short bolts so I just cut these off.  Now the vise that I use can be placed on the corner of the bench and held firmly in place with one clamp.  The mounting board is scrap so there was no cost but time.  I use this vise often and as you can see I have given it wooden jaw pads so that it doesn't mess up my work piece.  Traditionally there are other styles of vise used on a wood worker's bench but I have found that this one is quite versatile and using this set up it is makes it easy to move out of the way when not needed.
General 95-700 7-inch Cabinetmakers Vise
the traditional bench vise
 Again you put wooden pads on the jaws so not to mark your work.

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