Friday, May 3, 2013

Tormek of Sweden

Tormek T-7 Sharpener

     There is no substitute for sharp tools.  Planes cease to be a challenge and chisels become a natural extension of your hand.  With properly sharpened and maintained edge tools a craftsman is able to refine the quality of their work and focus on detail and artistry rather than damage control.  There are dozens of sharpening systems available on today's market, each system has its champions, and each champion has personal criteria.

    My experience has been you get what you pay for, and Swedish technology and production is superb. 

    shows an introduction to the T-7 system.

   It have found that it takes time and effort to become good at sharpening your tools.  The time can be used learning how best to apply a system that is designed to handle all of your sharpening needs, or the time can be spend learning several different methods and systems because you do not have one system that will deal with all your needs.  If all you ever do is sharpen a 3/4 inch bevel chisel and then use the chisel to scrape paint, you don't need a Tormek.  If, you sharpen; plane blades, knives, bevel, mortise, shew and lathe chisels you may well be time and money ahead with a quality, comprehensive system such at the Tormek system.

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