Wednesday, May 29, 2013

4 1/2 Grinder Vs. Wood

   At the beginning of May I wrote about how useful my grinder is in the shop when I have some metal work to do.  I turn to the grinder and a cut off wheel instead of using a hack saw when dealing with angle iron or bolts/threaded stock, those are typical applications for a 4 1/2 grinder.

  The attached video:

How-to Use Your Angle Grinder on Wood by Mitchell Dillman

shows how to put your grinder to work grinding away large amounts of wood quickly and with more control than you would imagine.

    Another use I found for the grinder was cleaning the charred wood from  barrel staves before sanding and finishing the wood as a candle holder like the one in this photo:

Mibro 694501 Cup Brush Twisted Wire 2-1/2-inch
That might have been the dirtiest job I ever did in my shop.

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