Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Taking Shape Finally

  July was a holiday and family filled month.  I am hopeful that August will be a workshop filled month.

  I resolved to build this project using glue only.  You can see from the photo below that gluing the top and sides to the bottom involved clamps and ballast, and waiting.
clamps and ballast 

trim for the top
  I decided to put raised trim around the top so that things like pens and coins won't roll off. The trim is from a piece of exotic wood flooring I got at a yard sale.  The wood is very hard, starts out reddish orange and turns to a dark brown over time.

re-enforced bottom drawer
   The drawers are made from 1/8 ply and so I decided to add reinforcement rails in the bottom/largest drawer.  I used a couple of pieces of aromatic cedar, it smells nice, keeps moths at bay and looks good, a triple win.

facing the second shelf
   You can see all the clamps that I used to hold the face of the second drawer on while the glue set.  Working on this type of project reminds me that rushing doesn't do any good. Everything has to be fitted carefully, glued and left to dry.

  It is interesting to note that while this has been going on I have made a plane with my Granddaughter, re-glued my wife's sandals and spent several hours trying to clean and organize my shop.  'Organize the shop' seems to be an ongoing and fairly unsuccessful enterprise.

  We are in for another hot week, that means watering gardens and struggling to keep cool. Ah well, I will remember this fondly in January.

cheers, ianw

*** there has already been lots of hand sanding, and there will be much more.


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