Friday, July 29, 2016

Pocket Holes to the Rescue

  This afternoon I came up stairs to get a book. I found that at sometime in the last 24 hours another shelf had broken and fallen to the floor.  Luckily nothing was damaged and the repair solution was easily at hand.

the space where the shelve should be.

the reason the shelf fell down.
  The plastic pins  that hold the shelves fatigue with age and break, especially when the shelves are filled with heavy books.

pocket holes to the rescue
  I went down to the shop and pulled out a piece of scrap 3/4 ply, that had be used at least once before and quickly made a frame with pocket holes. Four passes on the table saw and eight pocket holes drilled,  ten minutes work including the time to put all the books back on the shelf.

shelf repaired, and not likely to fail again.

  When this happens, as it has happened before the broken pin gets left in the hole. The last time I drilled out the broken bit of pin.  Once the pin was removed it was replaced with another pin that will probably fail too.  This time I put a wooden frame in place, the lost space on the shelf is not enough to bother me.

the frame/bracket thing is solid and with a bit of stain,
 it will blend in fine.
   I really like having a shop, a few tools and some sticks of wood laying around.  Otherwise a crashed piece of furniture like this would be such a pain.  I don't know how folks live with out a shop.

cheers, ianw

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