Friday, August 5, 2016

Jewel Box Built

  There is the jewellery box build part complete.  I have to scrap the old finish off the top two drawer pulls, sand some edges and begin to finish the case.
  I think I will wait to shellac and varnish this project for a while.  Currently it is very hot and humid in our area and I know that humid air can case clouding as shellac dries and really slow the drying time on varnish. Since I don't have a dedicated finishing room long drying times mean varnish with dust and cat hair embedded, so I am going to wait until this hot humid spell breaks before I undertake the last stage of this project.

  What have I learned from this project?

a; Don't just wing it. make a plan and a cut list, even for a one time project.

b:  I still really like elm, it has a cool grain and colour.

c:  consider drawers more carefully for the next project.

d: fasteners really speed up the process, a glue only project can be slow.

e: you can never have too many clamps

f: if you are doing a project like this don't cut corners on materials, prepare extra pieces in case you change your mind, or.....cut something too short.

g: you need a really good, small square when making things this size.

h: take your time.

cheers ianw

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