Monday, July 18, 2016

Designing and Building a Modern Bench

  Summer time is here.  I hope that you are sitting out on your deck or under a tree enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.  Here in Ontario we are only four months away for cold and grey and damp, so we are all taking advantage of the fine weather.

  I am in the midst of a week's holiday away from the shop.  My wife and I have been riding our bikes and I have had a couple of really great motorcycles rides too.  What that means is that the shop is getting ignored for a while.  With luck I will spend some time on projects next week, but my five year old grand daughter is coming for a week's visit and she can be distracting.

  Anyway, excuses aside I found a video to share.

   I like that we can see the design process as well as the building process.  It always makes me think when I see a shop with excellent power tools yet see how much hand work still remains to be done to get a quality finished project.

 cheers, ianw

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