Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Portable Vise

Recently I found this video on the making of a portable vise.  I watched the video and had the feeling of deja vu, all over again.  It is an easy to make Moxon style vise.

   A while ago I made a vise of very similar  same design.  I don't know if I had seen  this video and copied the idea, or just great minds think alike.  My vise uses almost exactly the same design and clamps.

   My vise is made of oak and I like the holes that are bored in the vise from the video, it will make adjustment easier, I'll going to drill some holes in my vise.  You can see on the left end of my vise string.  I strung both halves of my vise together so that the pieces stay together when not in use.  My shop can be a bit of a mess, much of the time.

 cheers, ianw


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