Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Moving on with the jewellery box

  I confess that the workshop has not captured my fullest attention these last couple of weeks. Over the long weekend there was family things and riding and other things to distract me.

  Today after a trip to the market, good food, intense heat . I tackled the next step in the box.  I decided that I would make the entire project relying on glue only, no fasteners, not even tiny 23 gauge pin nails. I very carefully trimmed the two sides so they are square and flat. Today I glued the sides to the top.
squares, no clamps.

  I measured everything and then put glue on the sides and used my many squares to hold the sides up and square counting on gravity to hold the pieces in place.  Once the glue set a bit I added two small corner braces.   

  This project is taking a long time for a couple of reasons.  One I am focused more on family stuff right now than on my wood working hobby. And two, this is a project that's plan is not too firmly formed in my mind.  I want a nice box, it should have at least three drawers, one of which will hold various wrist watches and beyond that the details are hazy.  

  As an example of hazy, it was just yesterday that I decided, no fasteners. Many years ago I made a mantle clock with no fasteners, it was kind of cool and a bit of a challenge too.  Having everything rely on glue slows  down the process too.  I am thinking a hollow base with a hidden compartment, for no real good reason expect I haven't made a box with a secret before. The drawers will be 1/4 plywood with a elm face but I haven't decided if the drawers will be divided into sections or not.  The haziness is only possible because I am so familiar with the customer and his quirks.

  We are in drought conditions but hoping for rain on Thursday.  If you aren't a farmer you are probably enjoying the sunshine. I hope you all had a good holiday weekend, both Canadians and their neighbours to the south.

cheers, ian


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