Thursday, May 26, 2016

Re-claimed Flower Box and a Boot Clip

  I finally got around to making the flower box that was to use the re-claimed wood. In the process of making the box I used a tool that I reach for a couple of times a year. Every time I use my bevel gauge I pause for a minute or two. The bevel gauge in this picture is from my Grandfather's woodwork shop, it came to me from my Father's workshop, there is no doubt that is gauge has been copying angles since before I was born, maybe since before my Father was born. My Grandfather build several wooden boats, all of which are gone, but I know this tool was used in that process. I hope a whole bunch of years from now one of my Grandchildren reach for this tool occasionally and pause too.

  All that day dreaming aside, there is no tool better for copying and transferring angles.

   There above is the box unfinished and below the flower box heavily soaked with old style oil finish. I sanded the box enough to knock off sharp edges and some of the tool marks but mostly left it rustic. I made the wood box to hid the plastic one. At this point I think it is going to be used as a small herb garden, whatever it just looks better than plastic. 

  The other thing I worked on today was a tuning fork, well not actually a tuning fork, it just turned out looking like a large tuning fork. What it is is a boot clip.

  I made a few of these a couple of years ago one showed any interest. Recently my niece asked for two. I like making things that people find useful. The next clip has some carving on it, so it is not finished yet.

  Unrelated to workshop time but very related to summer time. I was out riding my bike the other day in my high-vis shirt and I noticed how many people are on the road or working near traffic in low vis gear. For heaven's sake don't give the driver the chance to say 'honest officer I didn't see him'. 

Tough Duck High Visibility Work Short Sleeve T-Shirt w/ Pocket s392
 Work safe, play safe, live long.

cheers Ian W

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