Thursday, May 19, 2016

Flower Boxes

 Finally nice weather has arrived in our neck of the woods and so we've welcomed the chance to be outside and doing yard work.  I actually mowed the lawn(a task I hate) and trimmed around the gardens. Eva has pruned roses and turned over a couple of gardens preparatory to planting. Best of all some of the plants that have lived inside under grow lights are moving onto the patio.

 Some years ago I made a bunch of flower/window boxes and those boxes are getting pretty heavily weathered by now. Since boxes are easy to make and cheap I didn't empty them and bring them in each year so months of wet and freezing soil has taken a heavy toll on the 1/2 cedar boards.

 It is time to make some new homes for the annual flowers. If you type flower boxes into Google search and then click 'images' there are 100's of photos. Look closely most, 95%+ are wooden boxes. It seems that plastic has yet to over run wood in this area and I couldn't be happier.


     The other thing that gets attention at this time of the year is your deck. Type 'backyard deck' into Google and see what there is to see.  

  If you are planning to work on your deck check out the KREG KJDECKSYS Deck Jig

Kreg, KJDECKSYS Deck Jig Drill Screw System 14419

 Wooden decking with  no fasteners showing. Nice.

Deck Jig Video

  I think it is time to get some cedar, or white oak or teak and build some stuff for the great out doors.

   cheers ianw

Another thing for the great out doors.
I just turned 41,500 KM on my Silverwing.

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