Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Roll On Summer

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  Lets just saw that the last couple of days have been the best days we've seen in 2016 so far. So, yesterday I went for a long motorcycle ride and then a short bicycle ride and then watered plants and so....didn't work in my shop at all.

 Today I went for a slightly longer bicycle ride and spent some time in the yard watering plants too. (it is very, very dry currently).

 I did actually do a little bit of wood working today.  As well as I did some designing and planning. I have a couple of small wood carving projects pending and am trying to work out what best to do.

 The work I did today was with the skid wood that I brought home last week.  Today I did what I always seem to have to do before a project.  I made some narrow boards wider.

 I love the new glues, they make edge gluing boards so easy. Once quality glue sets it is often stronger than the wood it has glued together.

 If you are going to edge glue boards you can never have to many clamps. I have four sets of board sitting in my shop with the glue drying, therefore I needed 12 clamps. I used bar clamps, pipe clamps and Bessey F clamps

 Tomorrow I will take the clamps off and cut the rough skid wood to length and build a flower box with glue and wood pins. Even though the wood is humble and the purpose is humble I can't knock the box together with screws or nails that will bleed rust. Eva's garden is too nice to have rust stained flower boxes.

 Now, be prepared for tomorrow to be another beautiful, sunny, warm day and so there will be a motorcycle ride in the mix some place. It needs to settle in for a few days of rain before I am really going to be lured back into the shop just now. We have waited through a delayed spring for riding weather and now I am not going to let it pass by un-appreciated.

 cheers, ianw 

roll on Summer !

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