Thursday, January 21, 2016

What did you do in the shop today? Nothing, really....

  This blog is for all you average folks with a basement workshop that think that they've done nothing in their shop since they went on a flower box making binge last summer. 

 My work shop time is often filled with little things, especially since my back acted up last September. At the end of a day I regularly reflect that I've not done anything with my day at all. SO as my back really started to hurt this afternoon I thought about my shop time today. 

  First thing that I did was process a rough poplar 2 x 12 plank into finished boards to make a two doors for a friend's stereo cabinet, the cabinet that I made for them last winter.(Feb 5, 2015) It is high time I got the doors done. I really didn't do anything, I just cut the board to length on my mitre saw, then jointed and planed the board square and ripped off the four pieces I need for the raised panel doors. What the heck, nothing at all really, expect that I used my table saw, mitre saw, jointer and planer and various measuring tools and a square.  It could have been done with hand tools, but not by me.

board ready for use. 
   After we dressed the lumber David decided that he would double check the measurements on the cabinet before we proceeded any further. Oh, yes, I also made four little 3 by 1 1/2 by 1 1/2 feet with rounded ends to be added to the cabinet. Not a big job but one that needed wood and a couple of tools.

  What else did I do on the day that I did nothing?

you can never use too many clamps

door skin can be easily cut with
 a good utility knife.
 I cut out one side of the travel box I'm making for my Quarto game. It will be a carrying box and game board. ( Aug 27, 2014) I've done this before but smaller.  It was nothing at all, but it was shop time. I can't find the small set currently.


 This is how I squared the frame while the glue was drying. I pushed the one side against the dogs, squared the sides and then clamped the sides into place leaving it over night. A Kreg Klamp Table is the idea tool for this type of thing.  My table was tied up with other things so for one small job I copied the idea. For the doors on David's stereo cabinet I will use the Klamp table.

 I sanded and shellacked an off cut that reminds me of a cartoon owl. I don't know what I am going to do with it looked to good to throw away.

  And I took time to seriously wash out a few paint brushes. If you have access to an art supply store or shop on line get some brush cleaner.


 I honestly believe that using this product doubles the life of my brushes. 

  So I didn't really do anything in my shop today, how was your day?


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