Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Two Videos I want to Share.

 Recently I have been working in my shop on a couple of games so when I saw what Jimmy Diresta, one of my wood working heroes make a chess board I had to share it with you. 

make a chess board 

  Further proof that Mr. Diresta can do it all.  And play chess too.

table saw information. 

  While working on my current projects I have used my table saw to rip material to size and I also used it for cutting slots in the cabinet doors. To cut slots I had to take the blade guard off my saw, briefly. As soon as I completed cutting the slots I put the guard back in place.

 After my last close, close encounter with my table saw blade I put my blade guard on and it stays there. Yes it is a bit awkward but less so than living minus a finger or two. I ripped up my left index finger tip last time and it is damaged enough that it is now numb and the finger nail is a bit funny too. I would certainly buy a Sawstop if I was going to replace my table saw.


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