Saturday, September 12, 2015

Two Work Bench Posts

  In case you are wondering about the latest round of workbench posts there are three reasons.  First reason, I have stumbled across several good Youtube videos related to workbenches lately and I want to share them. Second, like a teenage boy admiring the latest hot car I am always looking at and imagining myself owning the prefect ride,(bench). Third, I threw my back out seriously last weekend and am spending nearly all my day laying down.  In fact I am laying on my stomach on the living room floor typing this blog entry on my wife's new Chrome Book.

 Both videos are a bit long and the presentations are not super slick but both presentations are very informative.

  The Nicholson style work bench was new to me but I am quite taken with it. Mike Siemsen shows how good a bench can be without the expense of vise hardware. If a person was looking to make a bench and develop a working style from the beginning this bench and system is efficient and cost effective.

Working Holding without a vise
   Jay Bates' video shows his  adding a vise to his version of a modified Ron Paulk design workbench.


Add a Pipe Clamp Vise

  Pipe clamps are a low cost and versatile tool and in this application they have more than adequate clamping force.   

 cheers ianw

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