Saturday, September 19, 2015

Two Small Projects Done

  It has been a tough week.  I had a good day on Thursday, well an improved day I got a bit active and now I am having a few really difficult days as punishment.

  Over the course of the week I did a little bit of gardening and a little bit of work in my shop. Yesterday I gathered together energy and did some painting on this week's small projects.

  The Thumb Stick was sanded smooth and then finished with opaque walnut glazing stain. The stain will project the stick from drying out and help resist smudges and dirt from dirty hands.

  Two blogs ago I showed pieces, this is what the pieces look like finished and assembled.

  I saw this little puzzle on Pinterest and made my own version. This is a four piece puzzle for a two year old girl that likes Owls, (Uggla in Swedish). I often go to Pinterest for ideas and inspiration, there are photos of anything you can imagine.  For example if you search 'bookcase' there are 100's of photos to inspire you. Most photos link to web sites or blogs with plans, or instructions to help you copy or create your own project too.

 The old saying, 'cut your coat to suit your cloth,' when you are having trouble getting around, do smaller crafty things, but keep doing things.
cheers, ianw

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