Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Number Owls for Tova

  My Grand daughter Tova Elise is just 2 years old and beginning to learn her numbers. She likes owls so this is a winning combination.

 I had some 1/4 inch  poplar left over from a box project from which I marked out and cut 10 owls. I decided to use my scroll saw  to cut out the owls. Had I had a finer blade on my band saw I probably could cut out the pieces too. I think the scroll saw is a somewhat over looked tool. It is a tool for small pieces so craft or model workers are more likely to have a scroll saw that a carpenter.

 I bought a cheap scroll saw 13 years ago and in 8 years it shook its self to death. My current saw is a better quality saw though interestingly it is more difficult to change blades. If you are looking to buy a scroll saw look for one that is smooth running and has a quick and easy blade exchange system. Looking on the internet will show that there are 1,000's of scroll saw project plans available for free or for cheap. 

 The scroll saw is a good gateway woodworking tool, it isn't expensive, or noisy or dusty and can be learned quickly. Also, as power tools go it is pretty safe, you would have to be determined to really cut yourself badly on a scroll saw.

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