Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Shellac under Polyurathane

Shellac under Polyurethane 

  Folks that read my blog know I like shellac. This video by The Wood Whisperer  talks about a number of things that are relevant to using shellac and addresses the question of shellac under polyurethane.  I have used shellac under old style varnish and got tremendous results, as long as the humidity is low. Over time I have also sealed acres of wood with both waxed and de-waxed shellac and put all sorts of finishes on top and not had any issues.  Paint goes well over top shellac and helps to give a sealed and smooth finish.

  When ever you plan a project it is very important to consider the environment in which the project is going to live. The environment will effect choice of wood, fasteners and finish, it is important to remember that wood can last 100's of years.
Swedish Stave Church 
 or fall apart from neglect in a few years.  This winter I have to begin replacing window boxes and flower boxes that I made 10 years ago for friends and family. The cedar boxes spent many hours wet, and many hours in the hot sun and didn't really get any TLC so they have not lasted.

  Wood finishing is treated as though it is an arcane and black art, it's not.  It is just another area of wood working that can be improved with study and practice

 cheers, ianw

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