Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Polissoir -

The Polissoir is a finishing tool that is used to apply bee's wax.   I learned about the polissoir from Chris Schwarz.  His article made me curious, mostly because I really like wax finishes and this looked like the tool to improve my results.


I continued to follow the various blog entries and found the one for the Red Neck Polissoir.


  As you can see my polissoir follows the non-historic red neck methods of construction.  I bought a whisk and some clamps at a local surplus store (more cheaply than Mr. Schwarz) and went to work.  The clamp ends were a real problem. I tried wrapping the whole thing is duct tape but it didn't work. So, enter the  Dremel tool and cut off wheels. 

  With the sharp ends of the clamps gone I  hold the polissoir in a work gloved hand and it works well.  I will go looking for a broom maker to see if they can and will make a pollisoir for me for a reasonable price. I will keep you posted on the result of my efforts.

 An unhappy foot note, the kitten that Keiran and I made the play structure for was put to sleep on Monday. Jr. Cat developed breathing problems and was in so much distress we didn't feel there was any choice. He was a wild and crazy kitten that is dearly missed.

cheers, Ian W

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