Saturday, August 8, 2015

Pocket Hole Jig Work Station

  On the most recent Woodsmith Tips there is a pocket hole jig workstation.
Kreg Jig work station. 

  This particular work station is quite advanced but also a very good design.  If I were working out of my shop on jobs sites I would certainly make a version like this to take with me to work.

 The fellows in the video make reference to the Kreg Jig being screwed to a piece of plywood.

  My original Kreg jig hangs on the wall ever ready to deal with 3/4 inch wood and my Kreg K3 Master System is on a board under my work bench ready to handle any thickness of material from 1/2 to 1 1/2 inch. I have not up dated to the latest version of the Kreg Pocket hole jig, yet.  I always felt that the really big break through for the jig was that addition of the vacuum hose connection. Being able to clear the wood shavings while drilling made for a faster, cooler and much cleaner working situation. If you doubt the advantage of  dust collection, drill a  dozen pocket holes and see how mush saw dust is all over the place.

 While I am on a Kreg Pocket Hole theme here is a How To video for making picture frames with pocket hole joints.

Making a Picture Frame
 *I am going to add a disclaimer.  I used to work for Kreg Company in Canada. I worked for them because they had/have really good tools that I was perfectly happy to sell to people.* 

  Cheers, Ian W


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