Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Old Timey Toy

Flying toy
The inspiration from the Internet
My prototype 

  My grandson is almost strong enough to make the helicopter fly, you have to really pull the string with vigour. I am trying to show my grand kids that there are toys that don't need batteries, it's not easy.

  If you are looking for a project to practice your whittling, try making a balanced prop.  I used knives, needle files and sand paper to make mine.  The second prop I made flew into the wild area beyond our yard and got lost.

  Now that I have figured out the best size and weight for the prop I am going to make a few of these toys to share around the grand kids and their friends. 

  If you have a small shop and a few tools, make some Old Timey Toys for some modern kids, you might get a surprise.

 cheers, ianw


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