Monday, August 31, 2015

Friday's Workshop Task-Bike

  On Friday I spent a couple of hours working in your garage, with tools, none of which are wood working tools. We have two bicycles each, one bike is for grocery getting,(5km one way or less) and one bike for longer recreational rides. The long ride bikes are lighter, faster, more comfortable and easier to ride. The grocery getting bikes have bags and baskets, weren't super fancy to begin with and are a bit old.

 If you have equipment, you know that occasionally you have to spent time doing maintenance, and that was Friday afternoon in the garage. One bike needed handle bars replace and another needed bar ends added and they all needed to have things checked and tighten.
 Bondhus HF7M GorillaGrip 7-blade Fold-up Hex Set (metric) 12587

 Gone are the days when you could work on your bike with a hammer and an adjustable wrench.  Everything is hex head bolts now, and since nearly all bike parts come from the far east, they are metric. Do yourself a favour get a set of metric and a set of Imperial keys and put them in your tool box.

 After the mechanical stuff there were tires to check and greasy bits to be wiped down. And a while later is was time to take the bike out for a test ride. It must be great to live in one of those bike friendly cities in Europe. We can only hope that North America will get on the bicycle band wagon in time for our grandchildren.

  Romantic cycling Stock Photo - 18184331  cheers ianw

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