Friday, July 31, 2015

How to Hang a Picture

 On the internet there are many  sites concerned with style and not many concerned with substance. I've never had style so I am interested in substance, but I do get a laugh when checking out the stylish.
 I follow a site called the Art of Manliness and yes it spends time dealing with style but mostly it is a site filled with substance, old school substance generally.

 Recently the Art of Manliness ran a post on how to hang a picture.

How to Hang a Picture

  This post talked about the tools and hardware needed and then talked about style and presentation. 

  The last couple of weeks at our house we have been doing all those jobs that home owners must occasionally under take. You know the ones, painting, chalking, deck sealing and roof checking. We are getting the jobs knocked off slowly but surely. 

  Man it will be nice once they are all done.

cheers IanW

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