Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bunk Bed Adjustments

On June 18th I posted the photos of the kit bunk beds Eva and I assembled in the basement for our grandchildren.
  I just finished the modifications to the beds that we felt were necessary.

 On the bottom level I added a rail to contain the little girl and her many, many stuffy friends. I was able to mostly use existing Ikea hardware so in the end I only needed three non-standard screws to hold the safety rail in place.

  The ladder didn't have any available hardware so it is screwed together.  We decided to give this ladder a bit of an angle to make climbing it easier for K, especially in the night time. I used my old friend the Kreg mini Jig to attach the ladder to the 
bed frame.  The Mini Jig is great for adding pocket holes later, as the project develops. 

  I am adding a video bonus that showed up in my in box. Check it out.

cheers, ianw

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