Sunday, July 19, 2015

All the Tools You Need ?!?

  My friend David asked me to repair a sieve that he used to sift earth he uses in his garden. He told me that it needed some serious work, I said " no sweat" .

  Truly the wood frame on the sieve was whipped, still no sweat.  I took the screening off the few bits of rotten wood and set about making a useful tool with the screen.

  All of the wood I used was laying around in my shop, old chunks of barn board mostly. What I decided was to make solid corners by adding bracing to the butt joints. Probably the screwed and glued butt joints would have been enough but while I had the project there I added the corner braces.

  Then I stapled the mesh back on and decided that I didn't like the exposed mesh on the out side of the frame.

notice the fold ruler,
old school still works

 I added an outside frame to cover the wire mesh's sharp bits.

 The photo is the hand tools that I used in this little project. I also used a joiner, a planer, a table saw and an sliding mitre saw. 

 Did I need all those tools to do this job? No. but having them at hand meant that it was a quick, easy job with good results. Since I had the tools it was easy to add the outside frame which makes the sieve a stronger and nicer tool to use.

 Since I had the tools handy I planed the wood nice and smooth, not necessary but nice none the less.

 Having clamps means that one person can work much more comfortably. It is great to have Kieran to hold things while I work but he's not always here, clamps are.

 Pliers are another of those tools I love to have easily at hand. Pulling out the old staples and trimming the wire mesh is just easier with the correct tool. 

  We know air tools are good but a quality hammer is still well worth the money. I got my Estwing hammer from an estate sale and though I have several other hammers, it is the one that I reach for first.

Estwing HAMMER, RIPPING 20oz Leather Handle 010313320

  I have begun using nails more and more lately for projects in soft wood or for outside. Ardox nails have good holding power and are easy to install.

  I love to be able to make things that fill a need.

cheers, ianw

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