Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wednesday in the Shop

 Sometimes I spend time in my wood shop and don't really do much, but all 'shop time' is 'good time'. Today was a good time.

  First thing I did today was clean up a cabinet that I picked up on the side of the road.

  This is a upper unit from someone's kitchen and all it needed was a shelf. To cut a shelf I used my framing square and a jig saw. I know this is not much of a woodworking project was time well spent.

 Another thing I did was finish sand and varnish my bagel slicer.

    Kieran is my reason for making this bagel holder. Kieran likes to have a bagel with cheese for breakfast, he will be six this summer and I want him to be able to safely make his own breakfast. Again not a big job, but one that I felt needed to be done. Sanding blocks make getting maple glassy smooth easy.

two brooches and a tie tack

  I have been working away on small things.  These three pieces have three coats of varnish. These pieces are sort of silly, but style is often silly.

  The rest of my woodworking day was spent mowing the lawn and fixing a couple of small things from 10,000 Villages. Repairs always take more time than you imagine.  When I have repairs to do for 10,000 Villages I end up digging around in jars and drawers looking for hardware, and again I found just what I needed.  This sort of task is fun, when it doesn't need to be cost effective.

a bird condo?

    Finally the weather is good, the yard looks good and it is time to get outside.

  Do woodwork in the back yard in the fresh air.

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