Thursday, June 18, 2015

Bunk Bed for the Grand Kids

  My wife and I recently finished assembling a bunk bed kit in our basement.  Our grand children are big enough that they have out grown their kiddie beds and we wanted the space savings of the bunk bed design.

 Our grand children slept in a crib that I made from scratch. Clara sleeps in a bed that I made for her, but this time we bought a kit.  I was planning to make their bunks in my shop. The major reason for making beds from scratch vs. buying a kit is that often the kits aren't actually wood.  This kit is 3/4 inch pine with dowels and knock down hardware used in assembly. We decided on this bed because it is well engineered, nicely designed and pre-finished.

  It took us about 2 hours last evening to assemble the kit.  All these kits come with some tools but not all the tools you really need. For example to make assemble things more efficiently a large square is vital. A square aids in alignment as you are tightening the various sections together. A mallet is also useful for persuading some of the parts and fasteners in to place. A cordless drill can also be useful for driving bolts and lag screws. 

 Since this bed kit is solid wood I will be able to make a couple of modifications to if for our particular needs and should the need arise it will also be easier to repair.

 Truth be told the time and cost involved in designing and making a set of bunk beds from scratch is probably not cost effective unless you are planning something very unique and special.

the bed in the
Ikea catalogue

   Now it is time to go to the dentist and get yet another broken tooth repaired.  Thank goodness for modern adhesives. 

cheers, ianw

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