Monday, June 15, 2015

A Recycled Project by Matthias Wandel

rolling cart for a welder

  I have admired for as long as I have been writing this blog and recently a video showed up on my You Tube link with Matthias using left overs to make a rolling cart for his welding machine.

   This video features several things that are near and dear to my heart.
  First Matthias reclaims materials that would have other wise ended up in land fill somewhere. Now that I have three grandchildren (soon four) I am aware of what I am leaving behind, I would like the future to have grass, trees and blue sky, not heaps of plastic and foul landfill sites. I try and use and re-use as much as I possibly can.  On Wednesday's blog you'll see what I picked up from the side of the road last week.

 Second I watch Matthias's videos and he seldom works in an unsafe way. I doesn't wear eye protection or a dust mask all the time but he always uses safe work methods around his machines. We all should use crosscut sleds and push sticks more often than we do.  I for one have been nipped at by my table saw. After years of splinters and scuffed knuckles I now wear gloves when milling rough lumber and machine sanding

 Lastly I like that Matthias concerns himself with the quality and look of the final product. Changing the handle on the drawer didn't improve the utilitarian aspect of the welder stand, it just made it look better. Often I get in a hurry and am willing to accept workable but ugly in my shop and that needs to change. Your work is a refection of you, it should show well, and that takes commitment. 

cheers, ianw

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