Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Hose Guides

 As you can see from the photo we have a hose that runs beside a garden in our back yard. When working in the yard you have to be very careful when watering or the hose gets dragged into the herb garden and knocks things down. I decided that I needed a more efficient way to roll out and roll up the hose. 

 Since I don't work with metal, and still wanted the guides to be strong I turned to one of the good all weather hardwoods, oak.

   These guides are 5/8 oak with 1 1/2 inch holes. I drilled the holes with a Forstner bit in my drill press and cut the balance of the guide on my band saw.  I rounded the corners of the guides in case someone bumped into them while working in the garden. I rounded the inside of the holes with my Dremel tool so that the hard oak edges wouldn't abrade the hose.

 Now the hose runs along the top of the 2 x 8 board edging, when I pull it off the wheel or wind it in the hose stays out of the garden.

 Since oak is hard and stands up pretty well to weather I don't expect to have to replace these things for many seasons.

 cheers, ianw

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