Monday, December 15, 2014

Sunday Wood Working and Boat Box

  The biggest woodworking project of the weekend was the real Christmas Tree.  We are lucking enough to have several major retailers selling Fraser Fir Christmas trees for very reasonable prices in our area.  We got a seven foot tree for $20.00 and on Sunday we, actually mostly my wife decorated it.  We've put the tree up on a couple of boxes hoping to discourage the cats from climbing in it and knocking it over, we'll see how successful that strategy works out as the holidays progress.

 The other big wood working project that was finished this weekend was the boat box.

  The boat is twelve inches long and seven inches wide with a flat bottom.  I added a couple of details to the box, there are four fenders and an anchor as well as the stylish wheel house you can see from the front. There were several feet of painters tape consumed getting the nice crisp paint lines on the hull and storage box on the back of the deck.

  I also made a small lifeboat that goes on the deck.  The actual deck is unpainted wood, as many decks are so that it will not be as slippery underfoot for the fishermen working on the boat. Kieran is quite keen on boats and so he will be interested in the use of the fenders want to know a story about the particular boat and what its job would be.  I will show him photos of fishing boats in Ponta Delgada and he has seen wooden boats in Stockholm harbour which will add to the story of the boats.  We'll name the boat too.  He gets to pick the name.

 And this is the actual purpose for the boat.

  The deck lifts off and the hold of the boat is a box in which a person can store their special treasures.

  This photograph showed the rudder installed as well as the fenders deployed. You can see the anchor cable in the hold of the boat as well. I hope that he likes it, I certainly love making things for my family.

  I hope your Christmas gifts are nearing completion too.

cheers, ianw

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